Open Brewing

Open Brewing is the first commercial brewpub in the country dedicated to “open-source brewing,” an incubator for homebrewers to “guest brew,” on a commercial system under the mentorship of Brewmaster Norm Penn. For beer lovers, Open Brewing will be South Asheville’s hot spot to gather and sample unique brews they may never have the opportunity to drink twice. Visitors are able to learn first-hand about the brewing process through asking our knowledgeable staff and following the colorful, self-guided infographic tour. Check the board to see which new brews are on tap, which brews are in the tanks, and to see dates of upcoming brew sessions.

Open Brewing tasting room on opening day December 4 2014

20 Gala Drive, #101


Hours: Wed-Sat 4:00-11:00 p.m.
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